Betty Klaasse

May 5 – September 3, 2017 (prolonged exhibition)

The Oceans Below and the Universe Above

“As an editor by profession, I’ve always been familiar with the magic of cutting and pasting words and breathing new life into texts. It was only late in 2015 that I discovered the magic of cutting and pasting vintage imagery. I’ve been hooked on collage art ever since. I’m inspired by images of the tiniest of animals and by the most gigantic of planets. Using people from old advertisements in my collages feels like rescuing them, giving them a second chance in life. It’s a liberating world where everything is possible. I enjoy exploring surprising combinations, playing with proportions and contrasts. Creating collages stretches the imagination. Sometimes, I’m amazed to see a new world come into existence in my work. But sometimes, it’s the reverse: I see the world as one fantastical, ever-changing collage.” Betty Klaasse

Betty Klaasse combines worlds that normally could not coexist in the harmonious manner in which she portrays them. Her imaginary universes are built out of strange interplanetary encounters with adventurous travellers and exotic animals. Perhaps her collages are several universes captured in one image. As if the artist can see through a veil of parallel dimensions. Or perhaps her images portray a homage to a hedonistic form of tourism, where one can enjoy all the wonders in life at ease. At least, for as long as it lasts. Because her collages also provoke a sense of something that might not last much longer, or even will be lost forever. In this sense, her work fits perfectly in our time when we know that our planet is being threatened by our human existence and that we are not caring for it as we should. Betty Klaasse gives the viewer a friendly reminder that we have to treasure the world we live in, as well as the people and animals who inhabit this tiny planet called Earth.

Betty Klaasse (the Netherlands, 1980) is an analogue collage artist and a licensed image reviver from Amsterdam. Using just scissors and glue, she rescues people and animals from vintage magazines and offers them a second chance in life. In her collages, she captures a snapshot from their adventures, uniting the mundane with the mysterious, the bygone with the boundless. When she’s not re-appropriating castaway imagery, Betty’s racing her albino ostrich along Amsterdam’s rooftops or watering the three bonsai ferrets she grows on her balcony.

The exhibition ‘The Oceans Below and the Universe Above’ with 26 collages by Betty Klaasse is a Scandinavian première and opens on May 5, 2017 with a vernissage from 16:00 to 19:00. Her work is on show until September 3, 2017 (prolonged exhibition). The original art works, plus postcards, and posters are for sale in our online store and at the gallery.

‘It looks different in the picture!’
Original Paper Collage
25,5 x 31,5 cm
© Betty Klaasse (the Netherlands, 2016)